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Eye Care in Developing Nations by Larry Schwab (1999, Hardcover)

So how, then, were these new goals reached and what do they look like? In response to the accusation that the MDGs were too narrow in focus, the SDGs set out to tackle a whole range of issues, from gender inequality to climate change. But what really sets apart the SDGs from their predecessors is their universal nature.

Getting consensus on such a broad development agenda was an achievement in itself, but the real work will start in January, when it kicks in. How, exactly, does the United Nations plan to do so? Goal 17 goes into detail about that. It allows for a range of measures, including financial support and debt relief, the transfer of technologies and scientific know-how to developing nations on favourable terms, and the establishment of an open, non-discriminatory and equitable trading system to help developing nations increase their exports.

Have you read? The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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More on the agenda. Explore context. Most of these blind can be cured, and much of the remainder prevented if all people had access to the simple and effective interventions that already exist.

In this expanded and updated edition all chapters have been revised to reflect developments in public health and in medical and surgical treatments and techniques. Part 2—Eye Care in Developing Nations. Cataract, 3. Trachoma, 4.

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Blinding Malnutrition, 5. Glaucoma, 6. Ocular Trauma, 7.

Affordable, adjustable glasses help citizens in developing countries see

Onchocerciasis, 8. Leprosy, 9.

  • Chapter 11: Women and the Environment.
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  • Simulation and Knowledge of Action.
  • Women Taking Risks in Contemporary Autobiographical Narratives.
  • Why America Is the Only Rich Country Without Universal Health Care.

External Disease, Other Blinding Disorders, Appropriate Technology, Refractive Errors, Low Vision.